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Here's, the difference between you and me; okay, You love tech news and I love you.. Speaking of what's, not to love about today's, announcements from AMD. Holy schnikes. Did you see that Wow, Dr. Lisa Su and her minions graced us with new Radeon graphics, cards.

, Specifically the RX 6800 6800 XT and 6900 XT. [ James ] Nice. Thank you. AMD's? Performance numbers have the RX 6800 beating the RTX 2080 Ti at 4K for 579 dollars and the RX 6800 XT trading blows with the RTX 3080 for 649.

. That's 50 dollars less than the 3080 pricing. James [ James ] Math., And the RX 6900 XT matches the performance of the 1,500 dollar RTX 3090 for 999. [ James ] Nice Turns out Big Navi was no joke., Hey, listen! You get that.

! It's, a Zelda joke.. The cards are packing a few new interesting features.. Some are less exciting, like Rage Mode, which will boost performance by one or 2 %, but some are more exciting. Like Smart Access Memory, which will give Ryzen 5000 series processors direct access to these new Radeon GPU's; 16 gigabytes of GDDR6 memory, potentially Boosting performance by as much as six to 10 %, Okay man, no wonder AMD bought Xilinx for 35 billion a couple of days, ago.

Right now they're just high on life.. Now we didn't, see any ray tracing performance claims. Today or AMD's, answer to NVIDIA's, DLSS that they're supposedly working on, but I think it's. Official. Radeon is no longer the ugly sister to Ryzen that's.

Right. [ James ], They're. The hot cousin. Radeon got a nose. [ James ] (, indistinct ) Radeon is on a glow, up. [ James ]. You got a butt lift. ( Riley chuckles ). What's? That There was another graphics card launch yesterday too.

, Oh, that's weird.. I thought NVIDIA had already released their cards, but no, they actually delayed the unveiling of the RTX 3070. Until the day before AMD's, Radeon event. In what seems like a sad attempt to be like & quot: Hey, Oh & quot, wait! Oh don't.

Look over there. & quot! That's. Not You know what & quot. Oh, we got backwards, fans & quot, But the 3070 actually seems pretty good. It's got RTX 2080 Ti level performance for 499, which would probably blow our minds a bit more.

If we weren't being spoiled for GPU performance across the board, with this new generation., The 3070 will be available tomorrow. But if leaks are any indication, this is far from the last 3000 series card.

Nvidia has in the pipeline. References to both an RTX 3080 Ti and a 3060 Ti are popping up online., So budget gamers might see some nice trickle down effects of all this sudden competition in the graphics, market.

More, like NVIDIA, is getting trickled down on by AMD, Because they're, it's like they're [ James ] Move on. Peeing on'em. And Apple may be getting serious about building a search engine competitor to Google.

. It's estimated that Google pays Apple, eight to 12 dollars billion a year to be the default search engine on iOS, but Google is currently being sued by the US government over antitrust because of deals just like that.

. If the department of justice deems those deals, anti-competitive Apple may lose that income., So it makes sense Apple would want their own in-house search. Solution. [ James ]. They call it iSearch. iSearch.

, iOS 14 has actually already integrated some of Apple search technology as the swipe down search box shows its own results and links users directly to websites.. This is all speculative though. And an Apple search engine would definitely be an anomaly in Apple's, business model.

, [, James ], ifind, (, Riley, chuckles ). I got my own. Unless they sell access for six bucks, a month. Apple web plus.. It's, a more curated experience., very, very tight.. It only goes to

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, So get Honey for free right now, at https, // ♪it's time for ♪ ♪quick bits. ♪ Nintendo has already released cloud streaming versions of a few games in Japan, But now they're, bringing the technology to the rest of the world.

. The Switch is getting cloud versions of Hitman, 3 and control, which makes sense since that second title specifically, can be pretty graphically intensive.. Hopefully this means we get more Switch ports of fancy looking games, even if it means that it kind of negates the entire portable side of the switch equation.

. Don't try to play these on the bus.. You'll. Look so stupid.. The Oculus Quest 2 has reportedly been jailbroken by a nonprofit group called XRSI, Meaning the headset's. Mandatory Facebook login can be bypassed.

[ James ], Google+ users, rejoice. Google+ (, scoffs ), A Mozilla developer and Oculus's exiled founder Palmer Luckey had both put up 5,000 dollars as a prize for jailbreaking the device it's unclear how Facebook will respond, but we might see an Nintendo Switch situation where they patch the flaw and release new Unjailbreakable devices.

. So if you weren't in on the hackery, you better start your quest, now. [ James ], Listen., (, Riley, chuckles ) Games are having a hard week. That's. Right. Games in general., Cyberpunk 2077 has been delayed again to December 10th and please don't get mad at the developers.

. They're working like 18 hour days right now., [, James ], (, Indistinct, ), Okay, (, Riley, laughs, ). The director for Halo, Infinite has stepped down from the project, always a great sign. And watch Dogs.

Legion apparently has a bug that causes Xbox one X's to overheat and shut down during a mission.. The mission's. Title is 404. [. James ] Is that for real Yes. [ James ], Oh my God. (, chuckling ), But Good news for PSVR owners.

Sony is giving out free PS5 adapters for their headset., So you can jump right into VR when you get your new console.. Take me on in squadrons., Just kidding. Don't.. I've only played one multiplayer match.

Babies, you know., The kids, been playing a lot just not me., And the website for the Trump campaign was briefly hacked. Last night. The perpetrators took the opportunity to display a badly misspelled allegation that Trump was involved in the origin of the Corona virus and asked people to vote by sending the hackers money.

Very confusing development overall. But the site's back to normal. Now, and at least everybody had fun., And if you wan na have some more fun come back on Friday for more tech, news. It's. The last TechLinked of techtobar, which I'm, pretty sure, was named after this show.