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Happy Halloween, I am a tech, news. [ Riley ]. Oh, You're, a dead ringer.. This is what we look. Like. Intel, couldn't. Let Techtober pass without reminding everyone that they & # 39. Ve got new processors coming out early.

Next year. & quot, Did you forget & quot Don't? Forget we're still relevant & quot Yep. Yesterday Team Blue dropped some official details about their 11th-gen Rocket Lake processors, including the fact that the desktop lineup's.

Top-Tier models will max out at eight cores. The most recent desktop flagships. The 10900K has 10 cores. So while this seems like a downgrade Intel, says Rocket Lake's, new architecture, dubbed Cypress Cove, the water's, so blue there will make up for the lower core count with much higher efficiency, clock speeds and support for AVX-512, which will Boost the performance of large workload, applications like deep learning and 3D rendering.

Rocket Lake will also come with Intel's. Fancy new ZeGraphics onboard --, ( laughing ) XeGraphics X-E.. Why companies, But will it really be ze graphics? You want to have We don't know we & # 39. Ll, see you in Q1, because that's when these chips are coming out.

Did you forget Please don't forget. [ Riley ]? Oh, when Nvidia released the RTX370 in the arms of consumers yesterday. And when I say consumers, I mean those people with time to sit at computers and refresh 50 tabs to try to get one.

Yep. While the 3070 launch appeared to go a bit smoother than the 3080 and 3090's, units still sold out basically everywhere in a matter of hours, not seconds but hours.. It's almost like the two-week delay.

Wasn't. Actually, to make sure that there was enough stock go around, but was instead intended to detract from AMD Radeon event or something like that.. I know nothing about that., [, Riley ]. You got it Move over Sherlock.

This is this: is Detect-Linked [ Riley ], You're, so smart. If you really want that RTX3070 shopping experience, you can visit GPU vendor Galax's, virtual online store, where you can take a look at 3D models of the RTX3070 that you won't be able to buy for quite a while.

. So there's, also boxes for the unannounced RTX 3060 there. Very exhilarating. My weekend is planned. [ Riley ]. I'm going there in VR, Oh and if anyone, but an Apple authorized, repair person tries to replace the camera in the iPhone 12.

It'll break. That's according to iFixit and multiple repair, technicians and right-to-repair advocates who say it's, not clear whether the flaw is a bug or intentional.. After swapping cameras between two iPhone 12s, the camera will appear to work normally, but after a short time will begin to glitch, will refuse to switch to the ultra-wide lens and will occasionally become completely unresponsive.

. Of course, this isn't completely surprising, as Apple has never wanted its users to repair iOS devices on their own, but it comes after Apple gave some third-party repair shops official support, and it makes even more sense in light of Apple'S recent financial numbers, which reiterated that iPhone sales are one of the company's biggest cash cows.

, Which they need right now, because Xiaomi ships more phones than them. Boom. Oh Oh Apple! When will you learn to make money by offering free services that actually collect user data and sell it on to advertisers like a normal company? You silly goose.

Grow up Heh that's. What we do Wait. Wait a second.. Now it's time for the Quick Bits brought to you by Vincero Vincero provider of classy timepieces that look good, no matter what your budget or size of arm.

Vincero puts in the work to craft watches that you can wear every day and they Just released four brand-new collections. There's, the Icon, an automatic movement watch, the Outsider for rugged explorers, the Apex, a sleek race watch and a limited-edition Marble Automatic.

. Only 600 of these are being made and they'll be gone for good. Once they're gone for good. Vincero offers 30-day returns and guarantees your watch for two years so use our link in the description to get 15 % off your entire order.

The whole thing. Plus free shipping. ( Riley singing ) 100 % off the shipping Vincero. The quick commands Netflix has raised the monthly price of their standard and premium plans from $ 12.99 and $ 15.

99 US to $ 13.99 and $ 17.99 US respectively.. The move is ostensibly designed to provide Netflix more revenue duh to make more and less good original content. [ Riley ] Seriously. Seriously. Can you guys just take take the funding for three or four of these horrible reality TV shows and just make like & quot Blade Runner & quot [ Riley ] Yeah come on & quot Altered Carbon & quot.

Well, the first four episodes of & quot Altered Carbon. & quot [ Riley ], That's. True. Google is including a free Android VPN, with the two terabyte tier in its Google One cloud. Storage subscription.

Eligible users will also get access to pro sessions where they can learn about VPNs from Google experts.. Hopefully it's. Good. One of the main appeals of using a VPN is protecting yourself from data tracking.

So I'm sure. Using one designed by The Data Aggregation Company is a great idea. [ Riley ] Is that sarcastic Speaking of people who track you, advertising companies and publishers have filed a legal complaint against Apple in France in regards to a new iOS 14 feature that allows users to Block an app's; permission to track them across other apps on the web.

. The advertisers say this feature will lead most users to decline being tracked, which will lead to the advertisers losing revenue. ( fake, crying ) After rolling out the beta for full self-driving in some of its cars.

Tesla has increased the price of the autonomous driving package from $ 8,000 us to 10.. Although I'm, not sure the footage of beta testers trying the technology out is a particularly gleaming endorsement of the feature which is at times equally impressive and & quot Whoa whoa whoa jeez, that was close & quot [ Riley ] Whoa come on.

I'm walkin'here, Set that sentence up like I was gonna, say another part of it, but there's. No more., And here's. Some Game-Linked for you. & quot Spider-Man Miles Morales & quot is getting a skin that both looks and moves like a suit from & quot Spider-Man Into the Spider-verse & quot, complete with a stop-motiony lower framerate.

. This is sick. What It is, What isn't so sick is the news that Ubisoft has delayed & quot, Far Cry 6 & quot into the far future., The new year.. Oh wait that's! Actually fine, because nobody cares. Give me more Spider-Man.

I don't care enough to continue this episode. So come back on Monday for more tech, news. Linus will probably care more. Maybe.. He's a Monday guy