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The season really slowed down and I've lost interest. I don't care who wins. Down to the Tech, News. ( man, laughs, ), Reviews for AMD's. Ryzen 5000 Series processors are up from many tech creators, including Linus Tech Tips.

, And I think there & # 39. S are the best for completely objective reasons.. You know what else is objective: The fact that these chips - ( beep ) slam. Not only do they destroy their predecessors, the Ryzen 3000 series, but in some cases the lowest NCPU, the Ryzen 5 5600X beats Intel's Core i9-10900K.

. I actually pulled my hamstring there., But any launch in 2020 is gonna have some hiccups., And there are some indications that, like previous Ryzen generations, memory speed can have an impact on performance.

AMD is working on further optimizations that will be released as BIOS updates.. Scalpers have also struck once again, and you can currently find these new processors on eBay for thousands of dollars instead of hundreds.

, But regardless AMD has hit it out of the park here faster and further than ever, before. Making it look like even with Rocket Lakes supposed Ipc improvements Intel might have a hard time staying competitive in 2021.

, We'll all be lucky to just be in 2021 (, laughs ). So at the end of the day, yeah who cares [ Man ] Come on, say it.. That's. The way of the dingle hopper dangles. ( Man applauding ) Apple is expected to unveil the first Mac books built with its in-house Apple Silicon processors.

Next week., An Apple insider, claimed to have inside information about how they'll perform. [ Man ]. Well, that's. What they do. The site, found geek bench results for the A14 X, which is a variant of the A14 found in the new iPhone 12s and iPad air.

, Which show the chip beating the A14 and an Intel core i9 powered Mac in both single and multistarter. Benchmarks.. Sure these chips will be running the new ARM-based version of macOS., So if they can & # 39, t get the emulation right.

This horsepower will be for nothing. And don & # 39. T forget that this is just a rumor right. Now., The Apple insider can't even verify the benchmarks, even really happened.. So I'm sure that's. What Intel is telling themselves.

As they prepare to have their laptops chips beaten by an overgrown, smartphone processor. [ Man ] It's for baby.. They suck. They're, just getting attacked, everywhere. [ Man ]. Oh, what the ... And it looks like Epic, is getting some help from Nvidia in their fight to bring fortnight back to iOS.

. The BBC, which is a broadcast channel, says ( chuckles ) Nvidia has developed a web app version of its cloud gaming service, GeForce NOW., Which will allow iOS users to play the game through the Safari web browser, along with many other games that are better than Fortnite.

[ Man ], Oh thank goodness. - If this is true, Nvidia would not only be the latest cloud gaming company to try and skip the app store and it's. 30 % of revenue cut by making a service available through a web browser.

Amazon, Luna uses this method and unofficial Stadia browser app was available until Apple took it down. And Microsoft is apparently looking into this as a way to bring X cloud to iOS.. The BBC claims Nvidia's.

Web app will be announced before the winter holidays., So iPhone. Fortnite players may finally get to perform their stupid dances just in time to make Christmas worse for everybody. ( man, jeering ) Just find a new game.

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, Ooh, quick, bit., ( Man, laughing ), The PlayStation 5 is just launching real soon, but the hype is being diminished. Somewhat.. If you wanted to pre-order, you probably won't be able to get it or the new X-Box in stores on launch day.

. Also at the PS5 doesn't support 1440p natively.. Sorry, people who play PlayStation on a monitor there's, dozens of us. And also it turns out. Godfall is only a six month. Ps5 exclusive.. On the other hand, at least the PS5 has exclusives, since basically all the X-Box ones have been delayed to next year.

. Have you heard of a PC, though [ Man ]? I hear they're good.. They got Ray tracing., Okay, sorry. One more election. Story. Social media platforms are continuing to weather the massive surge of misinformation that has sprung up this week with Facebook and TikToK outright blocking the hashtags, stop the steal and sharpie gate.

[ Man, ] Yep., Twitter, isn't blocking anything, but is slapping more Labels on tweets than the flex tape guy slapped that flex tape on tubs of water. [ Man ]. Is there another more pertinent meme about slapping things? Did he do that more than once, [ Man ]? I don't know.

. He's got so many tanks.. Do you like to text people while you're drunk and then regret it later Well, WhatsApp is rolling out a feature that will allow users to set their messages to self delete after seven days.

, But WhatsApp is owned by Facebook.. So the word deleted here might mean something more like plucked and deposited into a box. Mark Zuckerberg keeps under his bed. ( chuckles ) Just cries over it. ( imitating crying ).

Your data gives him strength in exchange are his tears, which gives me strength. Soon. He will transcend us all and I will be his Valkyrie.. Netflix is testing a new linear TV style channel called Direct in France.

. The channel will play assorted, shows, documentaries, movies, apparently without the ability to rewind., Which is weird because you can do that with TV. Now, if you could find someone who even has it.

It's, going back to our roots as a species., When we bashed rocks together, you can't rewind, rocks. [ Man, ]. True, I try it. And after the hacker game Watchdogs. Legion had its source code, hacked GitHub has had its source code leaked and posted on GitHub.

. This isn't actually that big of a deal, because the source code was actually already available., But if GitHub was posted on GitHub. That means that there's, an infinite series of GitHubs within GitHubs, all the way down.

And tampering with it could lead to the universe's, destruction and a GitHub boot loop paradox.. If your grandfather invented GitHub, you won't, be born. (, popping ), That's. The end of this episode come back on Monday.

James. I feel him.. He's still here.