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It's. Finally, here the first test fit of the pyramid, PC. Something we had intended to do literally months ago., We meticulously planned the placement of every part in this case to ensure that no space was being wasted, which was fine until NVIDIA announced their 3000 series, graphics cards And our client demanded that we switch to the RTX 3090.

Now this was rather annoying for several reasons. One. We had to return about $ 30,000 worth of last Gen, Quadros. And also the RTX 3090 is physically larger than any founder's edition GPU. That came before it.

And literally wouldn't fit into our pyramid. Case., I mean clearly we figured it out, but the journey to get here has not been an easy one.. Just like my journey to this segue to our sponsor.. That's.

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Below. ( upbeat music ). Well, you hopefully just saw an intro with a mostly assembled pyramid PC, although we're very far from it right now, as you can probably tell the workshop's, mostly gone., So everything needs to be out of here by Monday.

. It's currently Thursday, and I still have a lot to do.. It's. Gon na be awesome. Like there's, gonna be construction.. We're. Finally, gonna be able to use this big guy here and like the sandblaster.

, But anyway it's. Not gonna be very easy, getting that all done by Tuesday. So yeah.. Do you want to look at what we have to do? Ah yeah. Wow. That looks awesome though.. Our terrible customer is gonna love, this.

Yeah it's, something else.. The biggest thing we have to do are create these side. Tunnels here. It's, not gonna be super easy.. I did these super cool fill patterns where it just automatically generates a bunch of holes for you.

. It's. Gon na take awhile., Oh, and we're gonna. Do it twice. Yeah. We're gonna. Do that? One twice., But that's, fine'cause. We can just put them on top of each other and go right through both of them right.

No, we're gonna. Do it twice.? Okay, fine.! Why is there a gigantic red button? Oh the gigantic red button., So it's, going to say over clock in really big letters. Yeah. Across the bottom. But when you actually press it it's.

Just.. This thing is gonna glow. Like a beacon., Did you see what we're using for RGB in it I did. Yeah. We're using these two estera helios, tubes. ( laughs, ). It's, gonna be so awesome., Oh, my God okay.

. It's. Gon na kick off a lot of heat into the machines.. They're. Only like 27 watts, each. Checked Yeah. I was kind of concerned about that. Okay.. I guess we just do it. Now. Yeah It's. Ready to go for better for worse.

, (, * ), All right, not bad.! Well that looks awesome.. I know.! Let's see.. Can we just ... don't ruin it.? I'm, not gonna ruin. It.! I'm, just picking it up. Yeah, I don't know if there's, a cooler like computer side panel out there really.

So now what Well this needs to get attached to that. Right somehow.. So we need to make five standoffs for every single one of these.. I've, already been doing it a bit. But. you get to make one of them.

. Oh, I have never used a lead before I paid a lot of money for it., So I guess I should get to use it at least once right, Yeah. Well, for a lead. You didn't, spend very much money on it, but you know same difference.

. Well, it felt like a lot of money.. How much was this thing? It's like four grand. $ 4000 thousand dollars is a lot of money. Not for a lead. Look at this thing.. You can buy decent car.. It looks heavy duty.

, It's very heavy duty And old. It's. Very old. It's from the sixties or something.. The thing that we're making is just this.. It could not be as simple as that. Huh. And we can thread them like that, and everything too right Yup.

. Can you thread them? Like that on the lay there Is that something you do after No, you thread it like that on the lay sweet. So for internal stuff, you just tap it like normal, but if you want it to do, you can make literally any thread that you want on Here.

, Like you, can take this right here as a thread cutting tool. And then using all of these numbers on the side you're able to have it match the speed in the RPM to cut literally any thread that you want.

( engine roaring ) All right that's about an inch. Supposed to smoke Yeah at time. Okay.. So the nice thing about using this for tapping is that you, don & # 39. T really have to worry about breaking it'cause.

This right here is not holding a tight enough. Like you, don't have enough purchased on it., So it's kind of training, wheels mode.. I would just turn it on and thread it in. ( engine roaring, ), Nice and slow.

. ( engine roaring ) That's neat.. Well, these are the last scraps of our workshop. Over here. There's, nothing left. It's. All gone'cause constructions. It's. Gon na be happening here, tomorrow. All of our machines are just out of commission for the next two months over here, but it's.

Fine'cause. I got everything done that I needed to over here and built a new workshop. ( upbeat, music ). This is what we're working with for the next two months., So we've got like welder laser cutter bench grinder.

. I don't know it's. Actually kinda nice. The sound's, probably way better. There's. Just so much crap in here that you don't have all the reverb.. I actually kinda like it. It's, nice and homey.. Everything that you need is just right here and everything for the pyramid.

Pc is ready to be put on. Wow. This is a lot of progress.. The panels. Look absolutely fantastic.. My standoff is definitely the best one.. Oh yeah. It's, probably one of these. Yeah.. I tried. These GPU's.

If you kind of look at where they're placed., They're, a little high. Yeah. They're a little bit high angles, not quite right., So I'm kinda thinking we should. Hey in my defense, you didn't. Tell me there were gonna be standoffs here when I positioned it.

. This is on you.. Also, It can't go there, because if he decides to go with 3000 series, they're gonna be tall.. We might have a bigger problem than we thought.. They're gonna be tall.. 3000 series is tall.

Huh, It's, not standard height.. It's, not standard height.. Why is it not standard height? Well, because it & # 39. S got over 10,000 cuda cores.. What do you want from me? Well, couldn't. You just use those GPU's that we bought them.

. Well, because there's, a new one coming and he's. All like eh eh. My friend told me that there's, a new faster one coming., I'm. Like I told you there's, a new, faster one coming., But anyway now he decided he wants the new one.

. So now what Well? I'm thinking that we can kind of move it up. Here., We cannotch all the plate that the GPS are attached to drop them down. A tiny bit. Sure. Like in order to get at them. You'll have to probably take off this panel.

. It'll, be a bit of a pain, but That's. Fine. User-friendliness was never a factor in the design for me. Yeah same. Spent a couple of weeks since the NVIDIA RTX 3000 series announcement and well. We still have two really big problems, but we have solutions for them right now at least.

. So this right here is an RTX 3090.. It is frigging massive for context.. This is the size of the GPU that we were thinking would be going in this case. And it's just in every single dimension way smaller.

Who would have ever thought that, like a Maxwell, Titan would get dwarfed., So we're gonna have to cut out the GPU mount place it back in in a completely new position and kind of redo the PCIE risers to accommodate these absolute beasts.

. That's, not a huge deal, but at the same time, these things draw just way too much power like way more than they deserve to really.. So when we have two of them and SLI along with thread ripper, I'm, genuinely concerned that the 1300 watt power supply that we have in this won't, be enough.

. The reason that's. A huge problem is that 1600 watt power supplies like this. One right here are just way: longer. (, chuckles ), So a normal one's 170 millimeters.. This one, I think, is like 200 and change.

And if you look here, doesn't fit not at all., So this would have been absolutely terrible, except Silverstone, actually just released a short 1600 watt power supply. That's only. I think 180 millimeters, which gives us well.

You know the 170 millimeter standard one. We have about 10 millimeters of clearance., So we have about zero now, but at least it work. ( chuckles ). Well, Now I get to do my absolute favorite thing in the world.

( indistinct ) work. I've, already done. ( metal, Screeching ). Oh it's, not getting much better than that.. Before I put the GPU's in, I need to install the side panel so that I can make sure displaying them properly.

In order to do that., I need like a good reference plane for everything to go off of.. So I'm gonna install the little casters that go on the bottom eat some nuts that I'm gonna weld right on here., And then we can use just level as our reference point for all of the side panels.

To go off of. ( metal, Screeching ), I got the leveling feet on. And if you're wondering these three corners here are all completely flat., And this one right here is a 10th of an inch higher, which honestly is way closer to square Than I thought it would be.

And we & # 39. Ve got the side panels on here finally., And we can look at what it's. Actually gonna be like the whole thing's kind of scary. If I'm, honest like it's, a pretty intimidating machine but anyway, finally going to get to attach to the side panels.

. So I have to tack on these little spacers here and just slowly massage the whole thing so that everything is just nice and square and perfect. It's. What's gonna really make it look nice and good.? Then one thing I can see right here is that, like this space, there needs to be just slightly shorter, because there's, a bit more weld behind it.

, Just tuning everything like that., Give it that real like nice, not just a look.. I last saw this when we realized we were gonna have to change over to our TX 3000 series, because new graphics cards launched and they didn't even support four way configurations because of power: restrictions.

, Oh yeah. So what I've done since then. This right here. is the GPU mount.. It's going back in, but in a different place, fairly soon. Wow. Yup you removed that already., But to make sure that it goes in the right spot.

We need to have all of these side panels on there first, and this is kind of like the most crucial. It has to look good. Perfect right. It's, pretty close, but not quite perfect. At the moment. Yeah, I can see it's a little bit kinda that way right, now.

Yeah, the welds are bigger on this side and this side. We gonna, have to trim these down just a tiny bit with the ankle. Grinder. Got it. Good Lord. That is a lot of GPU. Yeah. Are you ready for an absolute glute, workout Linus Glute workout.

? Well, because of all the buck clenching that's going happen when we test fit these. Okay. Yeah. This is three grand worth of graphics: card., Double that if you wan na use that E-bay scalper prices, this way right, Yeah that way.

Holy crap.. This is really tight. Dude.. This might be a problem. Legitimately. It doesn't, look good.. How was it before I'll? Show you kinda like that., That's, not bad.. It's. Gon na be really hard to get the graphics cards in though.

. Oh yeah, it's. Gon na be terrible.. Yeah, like really hard., Well, that's, why it's on its own little sliding thing. Like. A sliding thing.. This piece right here is supposed to just come out as one thing.

You can take all of them out at once.. I don't. Think we'll, be how will we slide it though There's, no sliding. Like look Well. Maybe if you go with the other side., No, it's. The same. ( indistinct ).

These cards are too big.. Does anyone make a Kompass 3090? Well, we'll, just bring it back. Here. Like right there.. I think that's. Fine. Yeah, but look you can't, lift them out of the slots'cause of the bars.

. So Wait so you mean he'll, just once we welded in place, he'll, just never be able to remove the graphics. They're, like we're gonna weld the cards (, indistinct ). We're, not gonna weld the graphics cards into the machine.

'Cause that's. What it sounds like you're suggesting.; No, we can just take the power supply.. No, we can't.. Well, we can't. We could shave off some of the mounting plate. Yeah., Put a big old notch in there.

, Yeah. Lower the whole thing down about half an inch. Yeah., And then it's. Still isn't really gonna fit, but it's gonna fit better than it does right. Now. Yeah, okay., ( metal, Screeching ). So I'm.

Your ( indistinct ) handsman to hold this in place. While you do the real work Pretty much, I'm okay with that.. I'm, also going to be holding it in. While you look at it and make sure it looks good..

Oh I see.. I actually think it looks pretty good right there.. I actually think it looks pretty good right here. Too. Okay., I'll hold it., You go over there and then take a look. Okay. Eyeballing, the all-seeing eye.

Ain't bad actually., (. Indistinct ) not bad at all., It's, pretty close. ( * ), Heck yeah.. This vacuum is the absolute best tool in the shop. ( * ). It's, weird flex, but okay. (, chuckles ), (, * ).

Let's do it.. This is the part where we find out if we can actually build the rig in here and if it's time to powder coat this mess for final assembly. Man. This is a heavy board. Haven't, actually worked with thread ripper in a while.

'Cause. It sort of doesn't, make sense with Ryzen 5,000 Harlequin., Not my problem. Yeah.. The client gets what's. The client wants. 64 of course., You know I just realized. - Is that an extended ATX? Why, When we move the GPU mount, it might interfere.

You've got to be kidding, me. Well., I don't even think it's, close man. Yeah.. Okay, what are our options here? Are there any proper ATX ( indistinct ) boards? I don't know., Let's, go find out. Our other options.

We can move the GPU Mount.. Ah, every single TRX ( indistinct ) board we have is wider. Like this., I mean how much of this post do we really need Like? Could we cut away half of it until we can get the board in there? Well, we can just remove the whole thing and, like move the post, to be right up here in the corner.

It's, just like four or five hours of work. ( * ), We did it. Thanks.. That cut, though looks phenomenal. Yeah. I almost feel like we should just leave it, but we shouldn't.. I'm kinda tempted. (, both chuckles ), I've, got our 64 core processor and our two terabyte 970 Evo plus SSD in here now.

. Yes, technically, we could have gone with a Gen, 4 SSD or whatever by the time we actually fricking, built this thing, but we're already sourced this far., So it's done.. Well, actually, we sourced.! No! I'm, not making any more changes.

. I love that.. We picked the tackiest RAM on earth for this machine.. Wait it's, not that bad.. Oh. I thought this was a Royal Neo., Its the Neo.. Oh no nevermind, this stuff sick, okay. Yeah that was frigging, expensive too.

. It was like two grand. Wow.: It's; c16., 3,200, c16, 32, gig modules., Oh yeah., So that's, a total of 256 gigs of RAM. Yeah.. Oh my God. This is so trippy. Come here.. What Come here. Wow. See this piece of foam.

. It's, probably not very heavy right. Could you just grab it and pick it up. Just pick it up. Whoa. (, chuckles, ), (, indistinct ) that crazy. Yeah. It doesn't seem like it should have such a strong suction effect.

. I know. It's just so cool.. Actually, this packaging is pretty beautiful, but how thick is this right here? Let's. Look about half an inch. Doesn't! It Yeah! Why You have why we need a half inch spacer for the back of the motherboard.

. Oh, we could just steal some foam from that. Yeah. I mean he'll, never see it. Yeah It's. Pretty nice packaging.. Here we go., You think CA will destroy this. It should be okay., Not sure I don't think it's gonna fit, but we're gonna try.

. It's worth the shot kinda priceless.. This is an IceGiant thermosiphon prototype. And from our testing it was actually the best performing air cooler possible for thread. Ripper. Whoa. There's, no way it's, fitting.

Well hold on.. Can you be slightly more positive here, sir? Oh God? It's, heavy., Okay, if those WI-FI nubbins are the only thing keeping this from going in. my anger level Alex so high.. I think the WI-FI nubbins are keeping you from going in.

Why We can water cool, it., (, beep, ) yeah. I really don't want a water cooler., So I talked to Nicholas, who did the video on the editor's? Rigs, and you know what can actually cool them. The U12S here not great, but the U14S is good enough.

And I believe it's going fit just fine in our chassis.. We're, just frigging awesome'cause. I was really scared there for a second, because on the bottom panel, we have this kind of spacing for all of the fans.

I spaced them like this, just because I thought it looked better and use up the space more efficiently., Although because I knew from the start, I wasn't gonna be water, cooling it., I didn't, do the spacing rates.

, So You can add a rad. I thought we we're gore, but we're fine.. It's. Fine. Everything's. Fine.. Do you think it's? Fine Brandon Seems fine. Okay.. Do you have confidence in you? I have mild confidence.

There's, certainly a reason that we are pre-building this entire thing. Before we send it off to get powder-coated.. I think the fan has to go on the other side. All right., The amount of clearance that we have is frankly kind of incredible.

. It's, also, incredibly, fortunate that our 12 ( indistinct ) of power with almost underneath the GPUs, and if that had been the case, I think we would have just been boned. Fit them on these. It's, so tight.

It's, the kind of thing where it would never recommend fitting something as tight.. But when you have like a router that's, repeatable to a ( indistinct ), it's. Pretty awesome to be able to just like fit everything.

I guess it's, GPU time.! This is kinda like this. Is the moment Brandon. Yeah. Like? Will it just go in? Oh that was actually not hard at all.. Okay. Looks good Yeah. It does look good. There's, the mount.

, The RGB, and this costs more than like the average computer.. Now the final bit is the power supply. All right.. This goes in.. We're good.. We're totally good.. We can have a functioning PC in this case.

. Well, the power supply fits.. It was pretty dirty., So I had to use these slightly longer screws to pull it and to position, because this cooler is slightly larger than the cooler that I intended to put on it.

. So they're, touching barely., So it like fits it. Doesn't, fit perfectly. Could not be closer, but it does fit.. So we've got this piano hinge in here that nicely flips up to show you the rear. Io but it's, going be kept in place using magnets.

. So let's just install those nice and quick cars. This off. ( * ). Oh, that's, not making it on a satisfying feels list.. But anyway, here she is the pyramid, PC and all of its, I guess glory.. It might not be amazing to build in, but at the end of the day there's literally nothing like it.

. Now you guys might've. Seen I've. Well, you've. Definitely me at many times., The AZA, whatever pyramid there was a couple of things that this does, that that does not for one we & # 39. Ve got our fricking GPU's.

. We also have the 51 and a half degree slant to this, which is exactly what you need.. If you are the Illuminati, you know the other one. It's a bit too tall.. The overloads would not be happy., But anyway, I think it looks frigging sweet.

And if nothing else, it looks like well, nothing else. On the market like Holy crap, look at those GPU.. They're, just the beautiful just like the segue to our sponsor.. I have no clue who it is., Thanks to Vessi for sponsoring.

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That was an adventure.. So thanks for watching guys., If you wan na watch another video watch, the one of the Comino RM. That thing was insane and uses these PCI extenders in a much more logical way than we did.

Here. Have a great day see you later