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You know what I could do all day every day: [ Man ]. What Eat food that I like. [ Man, ], (, laughs loudly ), You mean do Tech, News, Tech, News., [, Man, ] Yeah., And by all day I mean for about six minutes.

[ Man. ], Oh okay., The Xbox series & quot X & quot and & quot. S & quot are smaller than the PlayStation five, but there might be an even smaller Xbox in the future. Xbox Big Cheese, Phil Spencer has said that Microsoft is thinking about launching an Xbox streaming stick for playing xCloud games on your television.

In an interview with Stratechery Spencer said & quot, I think you're, going to see lower priced hardware as part of our ecosystem when you think about streaming, sticks and other things that somebody might wan na just plug into their TV and play xCloud.

& quot. He didn't say how cute such a dongle might be., But my guess is: very. Spencer also mentioned a new tier for Game Pass that would get subscribers new Xbox hardware. When it's, released. Man they're.

Clearly, going hard on xCloud and Game Pass trying to get ahead of game streaming. Competitors like & quot, Google Stadia & quot, you know., Although, frankly, that's, probably not very difficult at this point.

(, mumbles, ) And Stadia's. Reputation took another hit, this week. Thanks to a hot, take from one of their creative directors.. As we mentioned on Wednesday, Twitch creators have had tons of videos taken down thanks to Copyright claims from music publishers.

Well Alex Hutchinson creative director of Stadia's. Montreal Game Studio thought that, in addition to paying licensing fees for music video game, streamers should really be paying game publishers to stream their game play.

To be fair, he has a point. Streamers are absolutely including copyrighted materials as a major component of their content.. But the thing that Hutchinson is missing is the fact that game publishers often enjoy a huge sales boost, thanks to the promotion that they receive from popular streamers.

. So asking for licensing fees. On top of that, without also offering some kind of bounty system where they then pay them, and then everyone's just paying each other. [ Man ], I pay you, you pay me Yeah.

. What is what even, what is Hutchinson's plan here Now, Google has distanced itself from his comments and shortly after his initial tweets Hutchinson said that he was hopping online to stream. Some fall guys and virtually experienced the crushing defeat he just got served.

. So I guess all's. Well, that ends well. [ Man, ], Hey it's time. And the hit game of the year Among Us has been hit with a massively annoying spam. Attack. Players reported that the attack removed the games map, making players float in the vacuum of space and filled the end game chat.

With the message & quot subscribed to Eris Loris/Trump2020. & quot Eris Sioris [ Man, ] Eris. I don't know.. Is it an'L'or an & # 39? I'[ Man ] It's. L.. I don't know who this is. [ Man, ], (, mumbles ).

Some messages threatened to hack players devices if they didn't subscribe to the hacker's, YouTube channel and or vote for Trump.. A strategy that I'm sure will be very effective. Among Us developers.

Innersloth is working on blocking the hack., But in the meantime, has told players to play private games with only people you trust. Or at least sort of trust. ( mumbles ). Now it's time for the bad quacks brought to you by Pulseway.

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The link below. Quick beats quick beats, yeah. [ Man ], That's, pretty good. Yeah. [ Man, ] Nice., Okay. Leaks benchmarks are making AMD's, upcoming CPU and GPU. Look pretty sick.. One leak shows the Ryzen 5 5600X getting higher single core performance than the Intel Core, i9 10900K and Igor's Lab claims that the RX 6800XT is beating the RTX 3080 in some scenarios.

. Although some astute viewers have called this numbers into question., They almost sound like you, should just wait for the full reviews for these things. ( laughs, ), [ Man. ]. Do you review those Tesla has released its limited Full Self-Driving Beta in the US, and some users are taking their slightly more autonomous vehicles out on the road.

. The prospect of putting your life in the hands of Beta software is a little sketchy, which is why the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is keeping a close eye on the whole situation., But it's, probably worth it.

I mean, if you find a bug, maybe Elon Musk will smile in your general direction or give a nice cash payment to your next of kin.. Can you imagine [ Man, ] ( laughs, loudly ) Amazon has taken its monopolistic ambitions to new heights with a program that pays users to upload receipts when they shop at other retailers.

Amazon says the program will help their brands offer better products. [ Man ]. We're just trying to better yeah. It's, a little brazen for a company that has copied competitors products and undercut their prices to implement a program like this.

But hey at least they're, giving back some of The two and a half billion dollars in extra profit they made during the pandemic. [ Man ]. They're humanitarians.. They're, not giving it back.. They're like paying you for a service for it back.

And NASA's. Osiris-Rex spacecraft, successfully sampled materials from the asteroid Bennu this week., And now you can watch the footage. Yourself. I mean sure.. It looks a little bit more like punching a rock than collecting a sample, but who hasn't done that with their buddies, [ Man ], Oh yeah.

, It's. Hey it's. Canada's, favorite pastime. There bud. ( mumbles ) go punching a rock there bud. And in a year full of sadness. Here's, a glimmer of sunshine. Software engineer, Rashiq Zahid has built a website called McBroken.

That will tell you, if any of the McDonalds near you have a broken ice cream, machine., Saving, dairy efficient, autos time and disappointment. See. There is still good in this world. Isn't there. We're gonna get through this everyone.

Stay strong. And if you don & # 39, t eat dairy come back on Monday and we & # 39. Ll. Give you a serving of Tech News instead. I'll, even throw in extra Oreo chunks. [ Man ] For extra charge, That's right chunks, not sprinkles!